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RAYU Barbara Hat
RAYU Barbara Hat

RAYU Barbara Hat

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Named after Barbara Jordan, an American lawyer, educator, and politician who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and the first African American woman elected to the US House of Representatives. Thank you for fighting for change.

For exact sizing, please wrap a measuring tape around your forehead (where the hat will be resting).

  • Medium: 58 cm

Material: 100% toquilla straw-an organic fiber from palm trees, toquillales, only found in the Ecuadorian coast. The techniques involved in producing RAYU hats -from the cultivation of the plant to the bleaching to the hand weaving- are part of Ecuador’s cultural heritage and rich artisan tradition. UNESCO recognized the art of traditional weaving in its list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As fast fashion and artificial manufacturing spread, this tradition, however, is slowly disappearing. The skills of RAYU'S weavers are incomparable and worth keeping alive. Not a better way of doing that than by getting your hands on RAYU'S unique, handmade pieces.

Product Care: Given that toquilla straw is a natural product RAYU recommends avoiding contact with water and cleaning each hat with a soft cloth. If it comes into contact with a wet or humid surface, make sure the hat fully dries.

Note: Hand-crafted by women artisans in the highlands of Ecuador, each hat takes about three days to complete. Because of the nature of handcrafting each item, you can expect that each hat is unique and may have some slight differences to the photography advertised.

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