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AJA by Tilly Into The Mystic Three Wick Candle

AJA by Tilly Into The Mystic Three Wick Candle

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The three wick candle is naturally fragranced and made with natural wax. Comes in a black candle bowl.

Revitalising and energising, Into the Mystic has fresh, woody notes of the forest. Handcrafted with essential oils of Cedarwood, Oak Moss and Lavender, INTO THE MYSTIC helps to inspire focus and bring clarity to the mind. With rich, green and resinous notes of Galbanum, INTO THE MYSTIC is perfect for clearing the energy in your home, setting intentions and lifting your spirits. The three wick give the candle a more powerful fragrance throw, making it ideal for a larger space.

460G / 16.26 OZ NET WEIGHT

AJA BOTANICALS natural wax candles are ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly and renewable, delivering a clean burn and a pure scent. All our fragrances are created in the Cotswolds by a world class perfumer using the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

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