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AJA by Tilly Into The Mystic Three Wick Candle

AJA by Tilly Into The Mystic Three Wick Candle

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Natural black wax candle in an uplifting fragrance with warm, woody notes.

Into The Mystic invites you into the forest with its natural fine fragrance, hand-crafted from cedarwood, lavender, oakmoss and galbanum essential oils. With its green, resinous elements, this is the candle to light when you long to reconnect with nature and Mother Earth, or with the energy of transformation.

‘I wanted to create a fragrance that was reminiscent of old oak trees, dappled morning sunlight and the rich dampness of the forest floor, with sweetness from the cedarwood, combined with oakmoss’s musky earthiness. Lavender gives a freshness, too, that lifts the spirits.’ Tilly Wood, Aja Botanicals founder


Product Details: Pure essential oils of cedarwood, oakmoss, lavender and galbanum. Natural wax blend made from coconut, soya and beeswax.

Please note that the shade of our black and white waxes can vary slightly from product to product. This is due to the natural ingredients used in our formulations.


Details & Care: 

  • 525g
  • Burn time: 50 hours
  • H8cm x W13cm

The first time you burn Aja Botanicals candles, light the wick and allow the wax to pool all the way to the edge of the glass before extinguishing. This ensures that your candle will always burn evenly and beautifully. You can read our full candle care guide here.

All Aja Botanicals products are available in a choice of white or black, so you can select the shade that best complements your interior setting.

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